Raspberry Pi – First Steps out of the box

This post is intended to beginners in Raspberry Pi. For a normal functioning of Raspberry Pi, we need the following.

  1. A computer monitor or TV
  2. Raspberry Pi 2
  3. Micro SD card
  4. Keyboard and Mouse
  5. Ethernet adapter from router with internet connectivity.
  6. Power supply with output 5V 2A micro usb
  7. HDMI to HDMI or VGA cable
  8. USB wifi dongle incase you need wireless access to network
  • Connect all the devices except micro SD cardto Raspberry Pi.
  • Recent computer monitors are coming with DVI cable and they may not accept VGA or HDMI cables.
  • Power ON the monitor having DVI port and enter the input options. Check VGA or HDMI apart from DVI-2. Now connect HDMI or VGA as per your former choice.
  • Download the latest NOOBS from raspberrypi.org as a .zip file.
  • Download the SD card formatter software from sdcard.org and install in your computer.
  • Using SD Card formatter, format the micro SD card with options Quick format and ‘ON’ in format size adjustment in options.
  • Extract all the contents from NOOBS zip file directly to the root directory of micro SD card.
  • Insert the microSD card into your raspberry Pi and power ON the chip and the monitor.
  • Firstly, the NOOBS package will install raspbian OS and then boots to the raspbian OS.

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