Remote access and control in Raspberry Pi

I made a research on various SSH clients, remote access tools for accessing Raspberry Pi. Most of the searches gave a conclusion that Raspberry Pi can’t be connected in remote access and control software like Log Me In or Team Viewer, since Raspberry Pi is an ARM based machine.

Some tools like Exagear to emulate x86 applications in ARM devices are available to support the abovementioned tools but they are priced.

I looked for an open source alternative. Finally I came across “No Machine” software. This software gives two way access i.e. Raspberry Pi can be access from your windows PC and vice versa.

This post explains the installation process of No machine tool in both Windows PC/Laptop and Raspberry Pi.

Installation in Windows PC/Laptop

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest version available and install the same in your Windows PC/Laptop.
  3. Configure the software as per your requirements.
  4. Don’t try connecting this to anywhere until the installation is complete in raspberry pi.

Installation in Raspberry Pi

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest version of Nomachine available in that page.
  3. Open terminal and move to the folder where Nomachine is downloaded from previous step.
  4. Note the name of downloaded file. Let us consider file name is xyz.deb.
  5. In terminal, type sudo dpkg -i xyz.deb . xyz varies as soon as newer version is available.

If Raspberry Pi needs to be accessed from Windows PC/Laptop, find the IP address of Raspberry Pi and start configuring in the No machine tool installed in your PC/Laptop. Take NX protocol while configuring port 4000. After you get Raspberry Pi connected, whenever you move mouse in the raspberry pi screen on your desktop, the mouse pointer moves in the display unit of raspberry pi too. This method is more effective than configuring VNC, SSH etc. Once the raspberry Pi’s IP address is static in a wired network, then it is obvious that there is no need for separate display unit for raspberry pi.

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