Installation of Open Elec / OSMC for KODI XBMC

Installation of Open Elec

This is available from Berry Boot, which can be downloaded from . Format your micro SD card using SD formatter tool available from . Format the micro sd card with FAT 32 format with options of quick format and format size adjustment ON. After formatting, extract the contents of berry boot in its zip file to the root of the formatted micro SD card. Now insert the micro SD card into your raspberry pi and boot it with internet connection ON. Upon booting, berry boot lists the operating systems available. Select Open Elec from the list and install. After the installation is complete, reboot the raspberry pi and boot into the open elec operating system installed. It will open into Kodi.

Installation of OSMC

OSMC stands for Open Source Media Center. This is another distribution of KODI but not available in berry boot. Go to and click “Disk Images”. Then scroll down to Raspberry Pi 2 / 3 depending on the version of Raspberry Pi you are using. Download the latest version available in .gz format. Extract the contents of the downloaded .gz file in the FAT 32 formatted micro SD card (for formatting refer the previous paragraph) into your raspberry pi and start booting. Now OSMC is installed and ready to use.

Post Installation

After installation of Open Elec / OSMC, go to system –> My OSMC / OpenElec –> network to swap between wired or wireless networks. Go to system –> settings –> international to adjust time zone and language preference.

Installing Addons

KODI has got lot of video addons which you can choose. Go to Videos –> Addons –> Get Addons. Select the addon you require and install. Apart from KODI inbuilt addons, lot of third party addons are available. They can be downloaded as .zip format from various sources of internet. For installing these, go to system –> settings –> Addons –> install from zip file, locate the zip file which you have already stored in a secondary storage like usb pen drive. Then addon gets installed. For channels in Tamil, English and Thai, I have compiled few and given as below. For others, you may search for the right one available online.

I have found a list of video addons for XBMC kodi which works well with Open Elec / OSMC for KODI XBMC. The entire collection can be downloaded from .

Download the zip file from the above link and you can find Tamil Kodi for Tamil Channels, MX Thai for all famous Thai Channels, World News live for global news channels, NASA earth viewing etc. All these plugins are downloaded from various sources and compiled under a single umbrella. Apart from these, people use find dependency error with Oliyum Oliyum XBMC plugin and Fly HD plugin. These plugins are for Tamil entertainment sources. The dependency error is due to the issues with Dailymotion plugin source in the addon.xml file. I have rectified the issue by removing dailymotion source. From my archive, oliyum oliyum will have partial functionality but in future if the dailymotion source is fixed, we can have full functionality.

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